At Jaswig, we've made it our life goal to change the unhealthy sedentary behavior. Our rebellious spirit challenges the status quo and our values reflect those of a group of friends wanting to make the world a healthier place to live in.

Our reason for being

Our furniture is made to make you feel better; it gives you more freedom, it improves your health and productivity, and you know you've made a socially and environmentally responsible choice. We want to change the sitting norm by addressing all areas of society, including children. It is better to prevent a bad habit from being developed than to treat symptoms resulting from it. Decisions we make at Jaswig are based on what will increase human health and cause minimal harm to our environment by selecting the best possible materials.

We will continuously investigate better and more sustainable solutions. We make the promise to reinvest 10% of our profit in organizations that take education to the next level. Yes, we are all part of the same community that lives on earth. We all need to help each other to keep it healthy.