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The StandUp Nomad is a beautiful Scandinavian design standing desk. It's the only wooden height adjustable standing desk on the market. The simple and compact design makes this desk ideal for your home or at the office. Because we care about your health, this desk is 100% manufactured in the USA using sustainably sourced materials. 


    StandUp Nomad

    • Desktop size: 20" x 25.5"
    • Perfect for a laptop, newspaper or notebook

    StandUp Nomad EXTRA WIDE

    • Desktop size: 21.5" x 31.5"
    • Perfect for a laptop with a mouse or notebook

    Product specifications

    • Manually height adjustable
    • Ergonomic footrest
    • Height range: From 36.5" to 48"
    • 9 different height settings
    • Made in USA
    • FSC-certified Birch plywood
    • Storage space 


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